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Use our quick and easy calculators to make buying your next car or truck simpler. You can estimate your monthly repayments by using our car loan calculator, see the true cost of running your next car by using our fuel cost calculator or find out what you could trade your old car or truck in for with our trade-in enquiry form.


Find out what your monthly repayments could be with a car or truck loan from one of our trusted AHG or Zupps dealerships. We offer competitive rates and Business Managers in every dealership can talk you through the process. 


If you're considering a few brands or models, it's important to consider the running costs of your new vehicle ongoing. Use our simple fuel calculator when searching for any vehicle to find out how much your fuel costs could be. 


Trading in a used vehicle is easy with AHG. Use our simple trade-in enquiry form to contact your local dealership and find out what your current vehicle could be worth. 

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