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Who is Bear Cottage ?

Bear Cottage is a medically-supported ‘home away from home’, offering families a physical and emotional break from the stress of caring for a terminally-ill child. It is also a peaceful haven they can come to when the end of their child’s life is near.
At Bear Cottage they see Superheroes every day – the nurses and volunteers who provide outstanding care and immeasurable comfort, the families who keep finding strength in the face of adversity and our brave patients, for whom every day is a battle against the odds. In honour of these heroes Bear Cottage started Superhero month.

It costs over $3 million to keep Bear Cottage’s doors open each year. Your support will ensure Bear Cottage is able to help to continue to provide support, respite and end-of-life care for our little superheroes.

Click here to find out more about Bear Cottage.

What is Superhero Week?

Bear Cottage are holding Superhero Week to help raise much needed funds to enable the continuing support of respite and end-of-life care for the families of kids with terminal illnesses.

Bear Cottage has a target to raise $120,000 in 2017 - so please get involved! Be a Superhero for the day, because life is for living.

How Does AHG Help ?

As AHG is an ongoing sponser of Bear Cottage, we are encouraging all our NSW Dealerships to get involved and support Bear Cottage by holding Superhero Month.
Can't make it to one of our Dealerships ? Follow this link to the Bear Cottage fundraising page:

How your Support can help?

It doesn’t take much, but your support makes the biggest difference to so many families and for this we cannot thank you enough. Here are a few areas your fundraising dollars could go towards.

$50 Can fund a one hour hydrotherapy session in our spa.

$100 Can keep our ice cream freezer stocked for a month OR buy resource books for our parent library.

$150 Can send a family to the zoo for the day.

$200 Can enable a parent to have fingerprints/footprints or a painting that their child has done made into a piece of jewellery or framed artwork to keep forever.

$500 For a sling that enables children to be lifted out of bed with ease to take part in activities.

$1,000 Can support the professional development of our clinical staff.

$5,000 Can cover the cost of electricity at Bear Cottage for a month.

$10,000 Can cover the entire cost of a family spending a week at Bear Cottage for respite.

$20,000 Can cover the annual cost of grocery purchases at Bear Cottage, enabling us to provide nutritious meals, three times a day to our patients and families.

$44,000 Can fund a weekend child life therapist position at Bear Cottage.

Superhero month for Bear Cottage at AHG