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Delivery Checklist - available for Zupps Dealer - Brisbane car dealer

Delivery Checklist

Here are Zupps / AHG QLD, we're passionate about your customer service experience with us, as we are about the cars we sell and have been since we opened our doors way back in 1964. To make your next vehicle purchase a smooth one, we've put together an easy to follow car delivery checklist, check it out below...

Collecting Your Vehicle:

  1. Please note: personal and company cheques are NOT accepted at delivery
  2. If you are not utilising dealership finance, you will need a bank cheque made out do your dealership's trading name (see table below)
  3. If you are paying with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) you will need to contact your Sales Consultant and ask for the correct BSB & Account details
  4. Please note that any funds transfer to any Zupps account needs to be deposited at least 48 hours prior to picking up your new vehicle. Without cleared fund we are unable to release your car to you
  5. Ensure you have booked a delivery date and time with your Sales Consultant and Business Manager
  6. If you would like your vehicle registered int eh name of a trust, please provide full documentation of the trust at least 1 day prior to delivery date

If we are arranging your car finance, you will need the following:

  1. Confirmation of income i.e. 2 recent pay slips (within the last month)
  2. Copy of your current drivers license and 2 other forms of ID (e.g. medicare card, bank card, birth certificate)
  3. Policy number and expiry date of your current vehicle insurance/ Please note: If we are not arranging your insurance, we will assist you to transfer your current policy, as we will require a copy of the policy to be sent to us
  4. Your bank account details for direct debit (for repayments) - branch and accuont numbers (statement is required)
  5. Rates notice (land or water) if you are a home owner OR a copy of rental receipt if you're renting a property
  6. If boarding, we will need 2 recent accounts or bills addressed to your current residence and a copy of permanent residency VISA (if applicable)
  7. Proof of business use if applicable (i.e. letter from employer or your accountant)

If you are trading a car:

  1. We require the REGISTRATION PAPERS of the vehicle (prior to delivery date)
  2. At the time of delivery, please make sure the car your are trading is free of encumbrances unless arranged prior with the dealership
  3. Please supply any relevant documents: e.g. log books, service & repair receipts, spare keys etc...

Trading Name
 Aspley Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat & Alfa Romeo  Zupps Aspley Pty Ltd
 Zupps Aspley Holden & HSV  Zupps Aspley Pty Ltd
 Zupps Aspley Mitsubishi, Hyundai & Suzuki  Zupps Aspley Pty Ltd
 Zupps Mt Gravatt Holden, HSV & Suzuki  Zupps Mt Gravatt Pty Ltd
 Zupps Mt Gravatt Mitsubishi & Peugeot  Southeast Automotive Group Pty Ltd
 Zupps Mt Gravatt Subaru & Kia  Southern Automotive Group Pty Ltd
 Zupps Browns Plains Holden, HSV & Suzuki  Southwest Automotive Group Pty Ltd
 Zupps Browns Plains Hyundai  Southwest Automotive Group Pty Ltd
 Zupps Beaudesert Holden, Nissan & Suzuki  Southwest Automotive Group Pty Ltd
 Zupps Trucks Eagle Farm  Zupps Southside Pty Ltd
 Daimler Trucks Brisbane  Zupps Southside Pty Ltd
 Daimler Trucks Gold Coast  Zupps Southside Pty Ltd