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Demo cars

Demo cars

Is buying a demo car right for you?

While not brand new cars, demonstrator cars are the next best thing. More commonly known as demo cars, these are the cars which car dealerships set aside for test drives. Buying a demo car is a great way to save some money if you are not too concerned that it may have already been driven by a number of people and have a few thousand km's on the clock.

Many demo cars are fitted with high spec options
Some considerations when buying a demo car:

Demo cars are generally already registered for the road. This means that once buying your demo, you can generally drive it out of the dealership a lot sooner than you could a new car. 

You are limited by what the dealership has on hand. Often car dealerships will use cars with higher specifications as their demo cars. This is great if you like a few extra bells and whistles - but often you can get a brand new car with fewer features for a similar price. Colour options are also more limited with demo cars. You will usually have to take what is on offer. This may not always be an issue given some dealerships have as many as 20 demo cars for sale at any one time.

Kilometers. As demo cars are used for test drives in dealerships they often have as many as 5,000 kilometers already on the odometer. When a car is designed to last more than 200,000 kilometers, for most people this is a relatively insignificant consideration. But for people who like knowing they are the first to drive their car this could factor. Either way you can be assured that as demo cars are always available for sale they are kept in tip-top condition and are well run in.

Stamp duty. In Western Australia cars which are sold as registered are eligible for stamp duty. So while you will be buying a car which is registered and ready to hit the road, there is this extra cost to consider. There can however be a reduction in stamp duty if the car is less than 60 days old - as is the case with many demo cars.

The warranty period begins from when the car was first registered or manufactured depending on the manufacturer. While it is still unlikely that this will make a difference to the vehicle's reliability or build quality, it is a consideration.

Sharper pricing. You will often see manufacturer's running 'demo clearance sales' and similar. This often happens prior to a new model being launched and when stock needs to be cleared. These are great times to negotiate a great price on the car and often good finance rates too.

While buying a demo car is not for everyone, those who like getting more for less are likely to consider this option. If it means a lot to you being the very first driver of a new car with the options customised to you.

AHG has over 500 demo cars in stock right now across WA. Have a browse through and see if there is something which takes your interest.


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