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Eurocargo 4x4

IVECO Eurocargo 4x4

The IVECO Eurocargo 4x4 is built to tackle the harshest and most challenging terrain. Its strength lies in its high load capacity combined with surprising agility for a vehicle of its size and strength. The Eurocargo 4x4 has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 15 tonnes and is powered by a 6 speed manual transmission.

Spring Suspension
The Eurocargo is equipped with Multileaf spring suspension front and rear. Spring suspension dramatically increases axle articulation/travel giving the Eurocargo 4x4 the ability to go almost anywhere.


Low Operating Costs
Engine oil change intervals of up to 80,000km and transmission oil change intervals of up to 300,000km help reduce the Eurocargo 4x4’s cost of ownership by keeping you on the road and your truck out of the workshop. 


Permanent All-Wheel Drive
The Eurocargo 4x4 is equipped with front, centre and rear diff locks and is all-wheel drive all the time. The diff locks are all conveniently operated from within the cab eliminating the need to exit the vehicle during operation.

Cabin Comfort
The Eurocargo 4x4 comes with an ISRI air suspended driver’s seat and has 6 external mirrors for excellent visibility. The cabin design allows easy cross cab access and options for day and sleeper cabs.


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