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Car and truck financing is an easy way for you to be driving a new car; and sooner. At AHG we offer competitive financial loans to our customers that purchase new, used or demo vehicles from any of our car or truck dealerships.

Call or visit your local AHG Dealership for a finance quote or to talk to the Business Manager about the right finance option for you.


When you choose AHG to organise your finance you can be confident in the fact that because of our size and experience in the automotive industry we can provide you with:

  • Flexible payment plans which can be tailored to suit your individual needs and budget.
  • Fixed repayment loans with the added flexibility of structuring the repayments to suit your budget for anytime of the year.
  • Immediate finance can be organised onsite; saving you valuable time and seeing you drive away in your new vehicle a lot sooner.


At AHG we offer a variety of financing options for you, talk to one of our finance specialist to find out more.

  • Consumer loans: finance is provided for the vehicle and is owned by the driver from the beginning of the loan.
  • Finance lease: the financier leases a vehicle for business purposes to the driver who makes monthly repayments.
  • Novated leasing: employers lease a vehicle on behalf of their employees who make repayments through a reduction in salary, ‘salary sacrifice’.
  • Hire purchase: the vehicle is hired to the driver who makes repayments over a set period and owns the vehicle after the final repayment.
  • Chattel mortgages: the finance you borrow is secured by the chattel, in this case the vehicle, for the duration of the loan.


Visit or call your local AHG dealership for an obligation free quote from our accredited finance specialists.

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